KUNSTUNIVERSITÄT LINZ | University of Art and Design Linz

The University of Art and Design Linz has a special position in the German-speaking countries and beyond, with its wide range of courses and special subjects. In doing so, the different fields of study succeed in bridging the gaps between free art and applied design, between artistic creation and scientific research. Thus, the Kunstuniversität as a creative interface always provides important impulses for innovation and science.


The Art University of Linz has its roots in the Art School of the City of Linz, founded in 1947, which was explicitly founded as a signal to diverge from the previous Nazi art policy. In 1973 it assigned academy status and in 1998 finally and finally made a fully-fledged university in 1998. The young university was characterized by the concrete combination of free art and applied design. As a result, since the late 1970s, the institution has positioned itself as a meeting place between the various art genres, the economy and the public.


There is a high degree of individuality, responsiveness and agility in the fields of study. Students learn to develop further the status quo of currently available technologies and to design new cultural and social applications through interdisciplinary research. Thereby they are taught how to reflect and act professionally within larger and more open occupational fields and how to position themselves individually as artists. At the same time, attention is being paid to the increasingly complex social processes and particular importance has been attached to the acquisition of social competence, the ability to criticize and the ability to work in a team. These are some of the building blocks that make the students so successful. Numerous awards at international festivals and competitions impressively confirm this.